Dear Guests,

I am writing this note to you under separate cover due to the importance of it’s content. Since we reopened in early April 2021, we have had several issues with guests staging full scale parties at Arosfa Lodge. We have been given false information by guests prior to arrival, such as the number of guests staying and the purpose of the stay. This has been disappointing to say the least and he led us to to take some action in respect of this.

Both myself and various staff members have had to visit Arosfa Lodge in unsociable hours to deal with guests, police and the neighbours. So in order to prevent this happening in the future the following steps have been put into place since 1st July 2021. Please take your time to read through and absorb the information, circulate to other guests. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information / discussion.

If, after reading and all your questions have been answered you do not wish to proceed with your booking, then we will offer you a free refund, since this is a material change to the conditions that you booked with.

On a personal note, we are not the ‘Fun Police’, rather formalising arrangements so that you fully enjoy your stay at Arosfa Lodge and that our neighbours are fully respected.

After the last incident in June 2021, we have installed two sound devices produced by, if you take a look at their website, it explains fully what the devices do and more importantly do not do. I will outline the main points below:

The Minut system essentially sends a notification to both myself, other staff members and the booking guest if the noise surpasses a set limit for . Once the system is triggered it will automatically send me and the guest an automated text message, together with an automated phone call to the guest. I have provided a copy of the message below:

Hello, we hope you’re enjoying your stay. We’ve detected noise levels that are higher than allowed based on the terms and conditions of your booking. If you could please reduce the noise accordingly. Failure to comply could result in the loss of your security deposit and/or you being asked to vacate the premises. Thank you for your compliance and understanding.

If guests do not adhere to the request, then I will visit the property and ask again politely and wait for 30 minutes to check that the rules are being followed. If they do not, guests will be asked to leave and I will call the Police if they do not respect the instruction.

During the installation of these devices, we have run several tests and the limit that I have set the notification to is a continuous noise of 65db, the outside device is placed well away from the outdoor seating area and in order to trigger this level, music must be being played outside so that people cannot hear themselves talking i.e. a party.

Outdoor barbecues with fun, ambient music and laughter are welcomed at Arosfa lodge and these types of activity will not be a problem, neither will children playing in the garden. It is just the anti social events that we are concerned with and are not to be held at Arosfa Lodge.

To summarise, I have detailed below an addition to our own T&Cs which fully explain our neighbourhood bond, this is in addition to the £250 security deposit for breakages and damage caused by guests.

  • All seating, leisure facilities and BBQ equipment is not to be moved from it’s location.
  • Indoor and outdoor noise level monitoring will be in place from 1st July 2021.
  • Procedures are in place if the noise monitoring is triggered i.e. SMS to guests within 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, then and site visit after 30 minutes of continuous notifications, where noise exceeds 65db.
  • If unresolved, guests will be asked to leave.
  • Guests will be specifically reminded of the policy 48 hours prior to arrival and once they have arrived.
  • Existing bookings will have the opportunity to cancel should they wish if they do not wish to comply with the regulations.
  • All outdoor music (event ambient) to cease by 9.30pm (10.30pm during the summer months of June/July/August)
  • Outdoor lights will automatically switch off at midnight and must not be tampered with
  • Hot tub use must cease by midnight

From 1st July 2021, for all bookings we now require a £250 neighbourhood bond in order to satisfy the rules detailed above. There will be no deductions made for contacting guests, who will be politely reminded of the rules but there will be a £125 deduction made for a physical visit to the property by myself or staff member, where a guest has failed to bring the noise to an acceptable level or not responded to our polite requests. Guests will also be able to supply us in advance of arrival, mobile numbers for other guests to ensure delivery of SMS messages.

I have detailed below where in and outside of the property where the MINUT devices are located, there is also a built in detection system if the devices are removed from their magnetic plates, so please ensure that the devices are not tampered with in any way.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this document and we hope you have an enjoyable stay at Arosfa Lodge. In no way would we show any prejudice to any future guest, but due to the experiences we have had we felt that there was no other alternative.

Many thanks,

Dean, Lynda & Team.

Inside – Games Room